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Danival is targeting 100% recycling in France with TerraCycle

Le 01/09/2016
Danival, an Organic foods pioneer, has joined forces with the Terracycle programme to recycle "non-recyclable" plastic packaging.
Originally started with 50 Organic stores in September 2015, the project now has 110 member points-of-sale in France.
French consumers are encouraged to bring their packaging (all brands) to their regular organic store.
By committing to this project, Danival is again contributing to protecting a world that respects the environment and is ever more committed.

Collection in practice
While most Danival packaging can be recycled, some is still not included in the sorting lists of local authorities.
This includes:
- The plastic packaging used for salads and prepared dishes
- Flexible plastic bags (doypacks) used for precooked soups, cereals & legumes and prepared dishes
- Plastic cups for fruit purées, compotes and vegetarian desserts.

Thanks to the collection programme, French consumers can simply bring their empty packaging to Terracycle collection centres in Organic stores for plastics recycling.

And then ?
A second life for packaging
The packaging collected by the recycling programme is sent to TerraCycle warehouses in Lozère, France.
It is recorded, sorted and stored then crushed and extruded as plastic granules or thin sheets using an innovative process developed by TerraCycle. The packaging can also be injection moulded and used to make everyday items including benches, flower pots and plastic paving stones for outdoors.

Precious help for non-profits
 100 TerraCycle points are donated for every kilo collected. Participants can convert the points into donations for the non-profit or school of their choice. They can also be converted into solidarity gifts for the non-profits presented on the TerraCycle website.
1 kilo collected = 100 TerraCycle points = €1 paid to a non-profit

What is TerraCycle ?
TerraCycle Eliminates the Idea of Waste® by recycling "non-recyclables". 
TerraCycle collects and recycles all types of waste from coffee pods to used pens from schools to plastic gloves from factories.
Our collectors are individuals, companies, local shops and cities in over 19 countries. Thanks to your contribution, we're able to keep billions of waste items out of garbage tips and incinerators.