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New products are blooming in spring !

Le 13/04/2017
Beautiful days are coming !

Take out your small wicker baskets and your beautiful plaid tablecloths, it is time to go relax in the middle of nature around a good organic picnic with your family or your friends. To prepare the spring as it should be, DANIVAL has just launched new products, ready to taste and easy to transport !

2 new cookes vegetables spreads :
The Sweet pepper spread 100g
Made with organic red peppers harvested in the South-West of France at maturity, this gourmet spread is creamy, sweet and delicately scented.
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The dried tomatoes spread 100g
It is characterized by its subtle and slightly smoky notes of dried organic tomatoes, combined with a net of olive oil and a touch of basil.
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2 new salads :
Beetroot salad & onion 170g
Very popular in France, this beetroot salad is a very appreciated ready-to-go salad among the mixed salads.
Danival one is made with fresh red beetroots harvested in the south-west of France and delicately raised with the mustard of Dijon, with the promise of firmed and well-colored beet pieces.
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Potato salad, bacon & onion 170g
When one of the most famous recipes meets Danival, it gets a great classical recipe revisited with organic and gourmet selected ingredients !
And in the range of mixed salads, we are looking for the salad of potatoes, bacon ( bacon smoked in the beech wood - yes yes :)) & onions, decorated with a mustard sauce without thickener (please !). Here is a complete, gourmet and consistent recipe guaranteed !
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