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No-frills recipes

No frills recipes with DANIVAL

When you want to make yourself a good tabbouleh, you don’t necessarily have the time to understand why the semolina was replaced with marinated quinoa and Indian tofu or why replacing mint with seaweed is better for your lunch.
Organic farming has considerably enriched our cultures and our diets with new ingredients, new uses and even new cuisines.
That said, do people who get lost in the changes have to be left out?

We don’t think so!

  • No-frills recipes: our chef likes to work with a short list of ingredients, with classic dishes you’re sure to know, like ratatouille, hummus, gazpacho, couscous with vegetables and chicken raviolis.
  • Obvious ingredients: no flavourings, no strange ready-made powders, no colourings, no suspicious preservatives. Look at the packaging. We challenge you to find even one complicated ingredient that you (or your grandmother) can’t recognise.
  • A simple concept: 100% organic (not 99.99%). It’s simple: our products come from organic farming and are processed in a factory that has been making organic products only since 1990. That's it.
What if organic products were easy to find, without sacrificing quality ?