La neopopote de

Portable organic

Portable organic food with DANIVAL

Although our lifestyles push us to move constantly, are we condemned to watch our food worsen with the commotion?

Surely not! With neo-popote, say goodbye to the mushy triangle sandwich bought at the train station platform. Danival wants to “bring organic to you”, right where you are.

  • Eat organic on the go: a 100% organic line of products, which adapts to our active lives with packaging designed for different travel needs: fruit purées in flexible pouches for sports, salads in bowls for trips, dishes in easy-to-reheat containers for the office, etc.
  • Local, everywhere: locally-sourced products, distributed everywhere in France and online. It’s easy to find us at the last second: neo-popote is everywhere, in all organic stores.
To eat better, why not make organic food portable ?