La neopopote de
DANIVAL loves to cook up organic products for the entire family in the south-west of France. We use pasteurisation or preservation techniques on almost all of our products to ensure that they retain their full flavour. We use the same traditional and ancestral techniques our grandmothers used to make their preserves. That means you can safely store all of our products at room temperature before opening.
We recommend that you keep DANIVAL products in the fridge after opening and use them within three - five days.

For ecological and organoleptic reasons we do not recommend using a microwave oven to heat DANIVAL products.
Our cooks have taken great care to prepare homemade recipes for you using selected organic products. A microwave is certainly a quick and convenient way to heat up your dishes, but the method used can change the flavour of your food.
Our cooks recommend heating DANIVAL dishes in a bain-marie, with the packet still sealed, for 10 minutes on low heat. This technique heats up the food without damaging its flavour. Be careful to pick out the hot packet by the edges to avoid scalding yourself.
Our cooks strongly advise you not to put DANIVAL products in a traditional oven in their packaging.
Tuna farming is very controversial, both for its techniques and environmental impact. There are no organically certified tuna farms.
We want to protect the environment and our chosen source is wild yellowfin tuna from Ecuador and the Pacific Ocean, FAO Zone 87, fished selectively by rod or trolling line.