La neopopote de

Freedom from your cooking pots

the freedom to improvise with DANIVAL

Neo-popote gives new freedom to people who want to improvise their evenings based on the weather, and who think health also has a place at the dinner table.

Thanks to neo-popote, you can have the freedom to live how you see fit and not worry about or plan everything, yet still eat well!

  • The freedom to improvise: Danival has developed a line of products in glass jars, from appetisers to desserts, for ultra-long shelf life. Our dishes can be reheated in less than two minutes, using any legal method you want, at a moment's notice.
  • The right to be lazy: organic, ready-made dishes now make it possible to eat properly, even when you don’t feel like making anything at all.
  • The need for sustainability: eating “neo” also means choosing production methods that allow the people who produce our food to live off of their work. Danival is committed to 30 farmers, for three years and at a fixed price, picks only French meats and favours AOC (appellation of controlled origin) and IGP (protected designation of origin) products.
What if you could eat a good meal without having to cook a meal ?