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Popote News

In September, keep putting some cream on !
In the spring, you discovered DANIVAL’s cocoa or caramel flavour cream desserts in your organic store.

Dani’Pom, a really modern and authentic range
Did you know that Dani’Pom were the first products created by DANIVAL in 1990 ? And yet, they haven’t aged one bit.Their secret ?

New Tabbouleh for this summer !
We could have told you that our tabbouleh was going to be a trip for the taste buds, a delightful and tempting journey... Would you have believed us ?

Danival creates new "My popote-minute” range
Eating organic without having to worry? It is possible! 

New soups 25 cl
It’s not in the old jars we make the best soups !

3 divinely fruity and very gourmet desserts !
Danival, the French ready meal and organic fruit purée specialist since 1990, has been innovating for its fruit dessert line.

Danival launches a treasure hunt with the Express Grains !
Danival has been a pioneer in ready meals in Doypack pouches since 2005.

New Apple & Chestnuts puree !
Discover this delicious organic fruit purée combining French apples and a chestnut speciality.