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3 new cooked vegetables !

Le 16/09/2015
Danival's Head Chef has added a new twist to cooked vegetables to get the new season off to a smooth start.
Created using rigorously selected and certified organic vegetables, these 3 new cooked vegetables provide the authentic flavour of home-made dishes, with a little of Danival's know-how thrown in.
Ready in a just a few minutes, these new recipes are designed for those who are always looking for flavour and quality.

Three French beans stew
  • Flageolet beans, white beans, kidney Beans harvested in France
  • Sauce cooked with a Southwestern French white wine
  • A savoury stew recipe style
  • An original accompaniment
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Peas stew

  • Lovingly cooked peas
  • A tasty tomato sauce
  • A recipe for the whole family
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Tajine with 6 vegetables and honey
  • Honey orange blossom
  • Zucchini and chickpeas harvested in France
  • A recipe rich in vegetables with beans.
  • The balance of sweet and savory flavors invites you to travel
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