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Mexican salade with atun recipe 180g

At DANIVAL, our chefs have prepared a classic salad with exotic flavours: Mexican salad!
A spicy rice salad, flavoured with a touch of chili pepper, with wild tuna, kidney beans and corn: a delicious cocktail of exotic flavours with every bite that takes you on a pleasant journey into the heart of Mexico!

Wild tuna, slightly spicy.
Ingrédients :
Sterilized product.
Ingredients : Parboiled Rice * (14,6%), kidney beans* (14,6%), wild tuna (11,2%), green beans * (9,7%), sweet corn *, peppers *, carrots *, onions *, deodorized sunflower oil *, wine vinegar *, tomato paste *, Atlantic unrefined sea salt, garlic*, cumin* (0,2%), pepper *, coriander*, Cayenne pepper * (<0,1%). Allergen : fish.
* from organic farming ( 89% of ingredients are organic).

UE / Non UE

Wild tuna, slightly spicy.
Nutrition facts for 100g for 100g
Energy (KJ/Kcal) 505/121
Fat (g) 5,8
Of which unsaturated fat (g) 0,7
Carbohydrates (g) 10,8
Of which sugars (g) 2,5
Fibres (g) 2,4
Proteins (g) 5,2
Salt (g) 1,2

Usage tips :
Best served cold.
Ready to eat and easy to transport, this DANIVAL salad is ideal for breakfasts on the go or picnics.
Even better cold!

This product has a removable label: Lift the label on the right-hand side by the bar code to see the list of ingredients, nutritional analysis, etc.

Storage advice :

Before opening : Store in a dry place and positive ambient temperature.

After opening : Store in the refrigerator after opening and consume within 2 days

Recycling tips :

DANIVAL is committed to the environment by associating itself
with TerraCycle, with the introduction of a recycling program for its packs.
Now the empty cups of your DANIVAL salads are recycled. Give them a second life!
Recycle the pouch with TERRACYCLE
More information on

Type of packaging :

BPA FREE, PHTHALATE-FREE PLASTIC CUP AND FILM, Contains 35% of recycled material in average

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