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Quick and organic

Quick and organic with DANIVAL

In the last 20 years, the time spent cooking has gone from an average of one hour to 22 minutes.
That said, does the urgency of our lives mean we have to eat badly?

No! With neo-popote, Danival is offering a range of truly organic and really good products specifically designed for when you don’t have time to spare, like when you only have 15 minutes left to prepare a ratatouille before your guests arrive.

  • 100% organic: it’s important!!: guaranteed 100% organic - that is, even more organic than required by European standards*. Neo-popote is the answer to the urgent need to eat well again.
  • Well-made: each recipe is created or revisited by our real chef (his name is Jérôme) in our real kitchen with carefully selected seasonal ingredients, prepared and packaged to guarantee their freshness when they reach us, and their flavour when they reach you.
  • 200% faster: sweet or savoury dishes, to take away, to reheat, to have a quick bite, to save for later or to round out a meal...with family, alone, from 7 years old to 107 years old, from appetiser to dessert.
What if organic, fast and good were compatible things ? 

* European legislation allows up to 5% “non-organic” ingredients in products sold as “organic”.
It’s not because we’re overzealous that we want to do better with our “100%”, it’s because we’ve always done things that way, and even if the laws were relaxed, we personally don’t see any benefit in doing things worse rather than better.