La neopopote de

Simple popote

Simple popote with DANIVAL

Our wants and our options don’t always align. So what? Perfect, or nothing?

Of course not! With neo-popote, you can try to do better every day, without feeling criticised when you can’t do otherwise. Yes, you have the right to reduce your meat consumption, but also to have a good chili con carne sometimes.
Our role as a brand is to find innovative solutions and improve continuously to help consumers.

  • Imperfect by nature: our products don’t always have the same exact taste - it depends on what nature decided to provide us with. When our products are imperfect, instead of throwing them out, we donate them.
  • Doing better: we've taken concrete action to continuously improve our production capacity, our local sourcing, the workplace well-being of our employees, our energy consumption and recycling through our partnership with TerraCycle.

What if perfection isn't the goal, but rather continuous improvement with no lecturing ?